@ChrisJWilson Interesting.

@Gaby I’m gonna add Big City Coffee to my small but growing list of coffee shops to try around the country.

@cm @ChrisJWilson Craft? Or some other app?

@jean Some people say I drink too much coffee. I say there is no such thing.

@dandycat @dandycat If I’m not mistaken, I think that’s the same house that was in Heat. On a semi-related note, I’m really looking forward to season 7 of Bosch

@vincent I don’t know if there is official support at the OS level on Android for alternate icons but Todoist and Pocket Casts have alternate icons on Android. Pocket Casts creates a second icon and Todoist just changed it. I also don’t know how they’re doing it

@maique These look very nice. Great job @vincent

@maique I’ll have to look into one

@maique Very nice. I’ve got a G-Shock DW5610-1 that I love

@maique It is much closer to what we dream of as kids. I don’t always have the opportunity to explore the places I visit but I can’t complain either. There is nothing I would rather do

@maique Regular airline is a thing, it’s what most people think of anyway. The type of flying I do isn’t for everyone but I enjoy the unpredictability of it.

@pimoore I’m happily paying for it, for the same reasons. I’ve got it configured on my iPhone and iPad (both with the NextDNS app for when I’m not using a VPN and configured in the IVPN app). I’ve got a more basic blocklist configuration on my router at home

@maique We’ve got 440 or so airplanes in the US, and 100 or so in our European operation. They’re separate operations, so while we have US crews that fly to Europe, they can’t fly airplanes belonging to our European operation.

@maique I work 7 days on/7 days off, and can fly anywhere during those 7 days. Continental US, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean is primarily where I fly (the plane I fly can reach parts of South America but I’ve never been). It keeps it interesting.

@maique Columbus, Ohio is headquarters for NetJets US (our HQ building is at the Columbus airport). We’ll have a handful of jets there in maintenance but other than that, the only time we see Columbus is if we have a trip there or for training.

@maique Yea. NetJets operates private jets under a fractional ownership mode (think time share for private jets), which means we don’t have a set route structure. A crew picks an airplane up wherever the previous crew left, flies it for their tour, and leaves it for another crew

@numericcitizen NextDNS is an excellent service.

@maique It’s where management, scheduling, dispatch, etc is. The planes don’t have a home base

@maique Yep, that’s the one

@maique Lisbon, IIRC. My company’s Europe division (NetJets Europe) is based in Paço de Arcos

@bensmithuk Gorgeous watch. Same with @maique I got an Orient Kamasu last week and love it.

@maique love it

@pimoore Gotcha. The push notifications for FastMail work really well on iOS and the stock Apple mail app. I haven’t used Mailbox.org but I’m extremely happy with FastMail and really don’t have a need to switch

@pimoore How has Mailbox been for you?

@pimoore I haven’t tried newsletters in Feedbin, I need to though