@vincent Yea, it would be a Blue Spruce route through Iceland for a fuel stop then over Greenland to North America. There will be other chances in the future, probably in something larger than the Latitude.

@samgrover The Shortcut link is for uploading to but hopefully gives you an idea. I’ve got shortcuts for uploading to M.b but it only generates one link

@samgrover Automating the export of the markdown or HTML links to the clipboard automatically. So from Drafts, run an action which will open Mimi, select and upload the photos, and copy the markdown or HTML to the clipboard, and then paste the links

@kurite My company has some Global 5000s, 6000s, and 7500s. We’re also getting some Global 5500s. The cockpit of the 5000 and 6000 are the same. I hope to fly the Global fleet one day