@gdp @maique @pimoore Thanks all. It definitely makes a nice Christmas present

@vincent I can’t either. I’m not exactly sure but somewhere around January 14th

@vincent It is excellent news and an excellent early present

@vincent I got the Phenom Captain slot.

@pratik Nope

@vincent I flew the Phenom 300 my first 4 years at NetJets and it’s a great airplane. I came to the Latitude in 2019 because it’s a larger airplane but I would not be disappointed going back to the Phenom

@aa Thanks

@vincent I was 9 away the after the last FO to captain awards, and I know of at least one pilot who doesn’t want that Phenom 300 so I’m hopeful. Trying not to get too excited about it in case I don’t get it tomorrow. It’ll be soon with the company planning 400 upgrades in 2023

@vincent The moonshot was from out the left windshield but I was leaning over to get it. I did not get the captain slot in the Latitude (it went very senior) however there is a captain bid with at least 6 slots for the Phenom 300 closing tomorrow and I’m hopeful for that one.

@tomc Same.

@jean It was a good night for flying.

@retrophisch @vincent I was 9 seniority numbers away the last bud so I feel good about my chances. It’s always a roll of the dice with seniority.

@retrophisch @vincent Thanks

@mcg @gdp The murders get the headlines, so I wasn’t aware of the massive financial fraud Alex Murdaugh committed

@gdp I’m not surprised they screwed up the name. It’s a crazy story.

@ericmwalk Thanks!

@crossingthethreshold @gdp I’m the same way. I much prefer the airport facing view

@pimoore @gdp I know the feeling. My dad is a trucker and being around them brings back great memories of riding with him.

@gdp That’s awesome. I fly private jets for NetJets. We fly into CHS and JZI all the time.

@odd @pimoore It definitely is. I got lucky on timing when I got hired in APR 2015. All of our furloughs were recalled on 2014 and I was in the 4th class of new pilots hired since 2008/09. The last of those pilots just upgraded, so I’m on the front side of all the new waves

@manton Ultimately, I’m trying to add a status.lol card to my site. I got it working on the imported Marfa theme, just trying to edit or delete the “enter your description here” on the imported theme

@manton Ok. When I use the imported theme on my test blog, I see “enter your description here” below my name/site title. On my main site with the Marfa plugin, I see “follow @jmreekes on micro.blog” in the same area.

@manton, where do I modify the description for the Marfa theme (I’m not using the plugin, but imported the theme from GitHub)

@gdp So, I added the script to my index page but now none of my posts are showing up. (This is why I’m experimenting with my test page first)

@gr36 Where did you add the bit of Javascript for the status box? Layouts/index.html or somewhere different?