@brucegodin I know a lot of the UAM vehicles being developed are piloted vehicles, but I haven’t seen many companies or the FAA address the issue of NAS integration especially if there are a large number operating in an area

@brucegodin This is definitely going to be an interesting space to watch in the years to come. Besides being wary of trusting an autonomous flying vehicle, the question of how these will be integrated into the existing national airspace system is the biggest question I have.

@pratik Forgot about that. Saving the text through Drafts should be easy because Drafts has a built-in Google Drive action. Shortcuts has a save to files action but you would have to select the specific folder each time, which defeats the purpose. More to come

@pratik Just saw this. Between Drafts & Shortcuts, this should be doable. Uploading as separate files?

@baldur I’ve got that article saved to GoodLinks to read later. Sounds like a security & privacy nightmare