@mjdescy It really does, especially to a 5yr old watching it on tv

@ridwan It works on iPhone and iPad as well. Is it giving you an error message?

@ridwan @frostedechoes @pratik I think I may have found a potential issue/error with the shortcut. In the Text Step at the end of the shortcut there is a / missing in the image markdown link. The text should be ![](/_assets/Name Variable.File Extension variable. This error shouldn’t affect the uploading of the image to the correct folder but will affect Blot trying to load the image.

@JohnPhilpin I forgot I had written this post which describes how I use Drafts & Shortcuts to post to Blot @frostedechoes @ridwan @canion

@ridwan @JohnPhilpin @frostedechoes @pratik @canion My folder structure for blot mirrors @trhall. Thomas is the reason for my switch to Blot

@JohnPhilpin I’ll try to do it tomorrow. They’re simple actions that use the built-in Dropbox action step in Drafts. The Save as Draft action saves to my Blot Drafts Folder in Dropbox and the Publish action saves to my Blot posts folder

@ridwan @frostedechoes @pratik if it still doesn’t work, try to get a screenshot of the error message and let me know.

@ridwan @frostedechoes @pratik Sorry it took me a few days to take a look at it. Of course, the shortcut works fine for me. Here is the shortcut I’m using, which is the same as the @pratik shared

@maique @jamesvandyne I’m not an SSH expert either but I’ve heard lots of good things about Secure Shellfish

@maique @jamesvandyne That does look really good

@manton I don’t think I knew that. Happy Halloween

@pratik Thanks

@ridwan That action means no sending messages to the wrong person. New posts here or Blot, drafting & sending email messages, new Reminders, etc all start in Drafts

@ridwan Drafts is one of my most used apps. If I’ve got a bunch of events to add to my calendar (like my kid’s school schedule), I enter them in Drafts and run a Fantastical action. Texts to my wife start in Drafts, I’ve got an action that pre fills her number into Messages…

@JohnPhilpin I’ve got a few Blot related Drafts actions. One action runs the Blot image shortcut and pastes the resulting link in Drafts. The other actions saves as a draft post in Blot and the other action publishes the post.

@frostedechoes Thanks for the heads up. I’ll take a look at it

@pratik Will do

@ridwan David Merfield (the dev behind Blot) is super helpful as well

@ridwan Obsidan is a great app. I also highly recommend Blot.im for long form posts. Like Obsidian, I love that Blot is nothing but a collection of Markdown and/or plain text files which makes it super simple to move if needed.

@pratik @frostedechoes I’m going to update my MacBook Air this week and I’ll play around with it.

@frostedechoes @ridewan I’m gonna have to get this a go. I mainly write and publish my posts in Drafts.

@jamescousins I think for the average user who only uses one address, iCloud Custom Domains is great. Not useful for me without wildcard support.

@jamescousins I’ll be sticking with Fastmail

@jamescousins Sadly I agree, especially with Hide My Email being a new feature of iCloud+. I think in Apple’s eyes, Hide My Email is catch-all/wildcard support even though Hide My Email only creates @icloud.com addresses.

@jamescousins I tried sending an email to a non-configured iCloud Domain address from Gmail and it bounced. Sorry for the confusion and bad information. @cdevroe