@canion The DEVONthink mobile apps have gotten really good. My iPhone and iPad are my primary computers so functional mobile apps are a must for me.

@canion I’ve never heard of Zotero but I love DEVONthink. DEVONthink was really handy for keeping reference stuff for flying around Europe last month (little notes and downloaded articles, etc).

@maique I hope so too. A coworker took a jet to Europe on the Blue Spruce routes a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it

@pimoore @jean lol! Funny thing is, we do have Airshow moving map displays in the cabins of the jets at work. They show location, altitude, time to destination, and outside air temp

@maique I thought so as well. I remember seeing someone filming as we were backtracking (taxiing on the runway instead of a taxiway) on the runway for the take off. The captain did the taxiing but I took over once we were lined up for departure

@pratik NetJets has also invested in WasteFuel, a sustainable aviation fuel or SAF producer and has committed to purchasing at least 100 million gallons of SAF over the next 10 years