@pimoore @ChrisJWilson Exactly. Why it should it matter to them how often I open the app or how many times per day I use autofill. Reading the press announcement, at least as of now, this will be Opt IN by default with Opt out as an option. Opt Out should always be the default

@crossingthethreshold BusyCal is my second favorite app

@crossingthethreshold Fantastical for the natural language processing and URL callback/shortcuts support. I use Drafts on iOS to enter a list of events (kids’ school, wife’s work schedule). Type the list using NLP, and one button push to enter all the events.

@odd I’m glad they were able to save the attractions as well, the town has done a great job with them. It had been a long time since I had visited Atlas Obscura as well and was curious if they had info on the Whirligigs or Vollis Simpson

@odd He had four on display in Atlanta, GA during the 1996 Summer Olympics, and he has one in Baltimore at the American Visionary Art Museum.



@odd Very much so. They are very intricate. One of them, Mule Train, (one of the later pics with the large white fan) the heads of the mules move and the farmer waves as the windmill in the front spins.

@pimoore I definitely agree.

@pimoore Thanks. I have always enjoyed analog watches. I have never wanted an Apple Watch or smart watch of any sort. I had a FitBit for a year or so and quit wearing it. This Traska Venturer was $695 USD, so right in line with some Apple Watches.

@maique @greghiggins Thanks. It was released around the same time I started my captain upgrade training last month so I consider it my upgrade commemoration watch

@Ddanielson Thanks

@toddgrotenhuis This looks very cool. I’m definitely gonna have to play with this some

@amit @vincent I’ve been using the stock iOS Mail app and I miss my Fastmail tags/labels. I’ve never been a fan of folders for email

@philbowell I was able to unscrew them back of the pocket watch and searched the serial number on pocketwatchdatabase.com, and it was made around 1901

I never remember my grandfather wearing a pocket watch but my mom remembers her grandfather wearing one. It still runs and keeps time.

@greghiggins I don’t think you’ll be disappointed

@maique It looks absolutely amazing there.

@maique Absolutely gorgeous. What island?

@greghiggins They are tough notebooks. You can bend the soft cover notebooks practically in half and they will keep their shape. The spiral notebooks have plastic covers and the spiral rings are very durable. I’ve yet to have one come apart

@greghiggins They also do colored pages. Green cover notebooks have a ledger green paper. Brown or tan cover notebooks have tan colored paper. Yellow, orange, red cover notebooks have white pages.

@greghiggins For pocket carry I like the 3”x5” top spiral and the 3.25”x5.25” top bound notebooks. For larger journal style books, I like the 4.625”x7.25”. Paper is the same regardless of size or notebook format.

@greghiggins I like them for the durability as much as the weather proofness of them. I have never had a cover rip or notebook come apart. I keep a Rite in the Rain notebook and fisher space pen in my truck and my wife’s car

@greghiggins I like them a lot. They use a high quality paper in the notebooks and hold up extremely well (hence the name). I primarily use Fisher space pens/refills so it’s a perfect fit for me. Water based ink, Gel pens, fountains pens, rollerballs, etc won’t work

@greghiggins either Field Notes or Rite in the Rain

@greghiggins @pimoore @Medievalist @jasonekratz I also use pen and paper to document phone calls, especially work related phone calls.

@pimoore @greghiggins @Medievalist @jasonekratz I have started using pen and paper for the majority of my notes and I’m very happy with it. I would be lost without my iCloud calendar, especially shared ones with my wife.