@ericmwalk Thanks. I’ve never skied in Colorado but I would love to at some point.

@samhawken Obsidian is nice. I really like the Minimal theme for iOS.

@samhawken Thanks a lot! ;) Just when I was getting used to Obsidian, now you’ve got me wanting to mess with Ulysses again (which I’ve always really liked but haven’t used in a while)

@ChrisJWilson Do you sync settings (appearance, plugins, etc) between devices?

@ChrisJWilson That’s what I’m doing. I’m also taking the time to explore the customization options in Obsidian which has helped

@ChrisJWilson I really need to give Obsidian another go

@ChrisJWilson Good post. I tend to put more value in reviewers who stick with a single app. My personal dilemma right now is between Craft and Obsidian. I like that Obsidian is local and plain text files and the sync is encrypted but I like the shiny of Craft

@pimoore @hutaffe @manton My devices are named after aircraft (mainly military aircraft). Warthog for thr A-10, Viper for the F-16, Corsair for the F4U, etc

@desparoz Gorgeous pic

@gr36 I haven’t messed with the Daily Notes much in Craft but I like how Craft has implemented them and their Calendar view.

@canion I’ve heard the same from others who have tried Big Mail.

@Pilchuck @jack @sgtstretch @philipbrewer @ddykstal @jack @pimoore Lol No comment.

@jack Good to know

@jack @sgtstretch @philipbrewer I haven’t bought any fountain pen or ink in years, mainly because flying with them is a major hassle for me. I’ve purchased a bunch of machines ballpoint and gel/rollerball pens.

@mandaris I do, and haven’t had any issues

@jean just saw the recap post. Watch enthusiast here

@Gaby Will do

@ChrisJWilson Interesting.

@Gaby I’m gonna add Big City Coffee to my small but growing list of coffee shops to try around the country.

@cm @ChrisJWilson Craft? Or some other app?

@jean Some people say I drink too much coffee. I say there is no such thing.

@dandycat @dandycat If I’m not mistaken, I think that’s the same house that was in Heat. On a semi-related note, I’m really looking forward to season 7 of Bosch

@vincent I don’t know if there is official support at the OS level on Android for alternate icons but Todoist and Pocket Casts have alternate icons on Android. Pocket Casts creates a second icon and Todoist just changed it. I also don’t know how they’re doing it

@maique These look very nice. Great job @vincent

@maique I’ll have to look into one