It’s looking like we are gonna get more snow tomorrow night into Saturday morning, but the forecasts are wavering on how much. I’ve seen forecasts with less than an inch and as much as 3 inches of snow. This will make the second weekend in a row that we’ve gotten snow

I had slowly been mentally moving my main blog to from and the number of plug-ins and new ones being added has cemented that decision for me. I’m planning on keeping my site up but all my writing will be here.

I knew had added plug-ins but I had not looked at the plug-ins page in months (sad to say) and did not realize how many great plug-ins had been added.

Sedona, Arizona

Hailey/Sun Valley, Idaho

We flew picked up the jet in Raleigh and flew a group of owners into Hailey on Saturday and spent the night. Sunrise Sunday morning was absolutely beautiful.

Mess with DNS is really cool. It’s basically playgrounds for DNS. Learn what they do, screw them up, and really screw anything up. Via Julia Evans

Business Garden Inn & Suites & Hotel Room Inn. So accurate. I feel like I stay at this hotel at least once per work week.

My Drafts Writing Worspace

It filters by certain tags, brings up my Markdown keys keyboard row, and selects my Blogs action group.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a solar powered website. I think it’s awesome.

I was watching the Panthers & Cardinals football game with my 5yr old. The refs threw a penalty flag and he says “Why did they throw a banana peel?”