NYC this morning on the way to Opa Locka, Florida

I am so glad we’re switching from Keurigs to Nespresso machines on the airplanes at work.

I purchased the Visionary plan which includes ProtonVPN

I’ve been happy with moving my primary domains to ProtonMail. I’m still some lesser used domains at FastMail

I received my first Moderna Covid-19 vaccine shot yesterday.

I’ve been messing with Threema again with a couple of friends. I forgot how much I like the app. If anybody cares, my Threema ID is BRSFZ36E. Like most people, most of my contacts are on WhatsApp but Signal and Threema are my favs.

The Smartish GripZilla is my new favorite case for my iPhone 11. It’s a protective case but doesn’t feel as bulky as the Spigen Tough Armor I’ve been using.

I have really enjoyed the Morning Brew newsletter. If anybody wants to sign up, here is a link. Full disclosure; if I get 5 signups, I get a water bottle, 8 signups I get a coffee mug. :)

I moved one of my domains over to ProtonMail. I’m still very happy with Fastmail but wanted an alternative/backup email provider. I’ve used Proton occasionally and figured this would be a good way to start using it more.

I’m happy with Todoist but have an urge to start using Reminders again

41,000ft sunset this evening heading to Florida

Nothing too fancy for home projects. I’m not using any of the collaboration stuff since I’m using it by myself. We finished out bonus room last year and I used it keep track of to-dos related to the project (scheduling inspections, supplies, etc), store all related documents (receipts, quotes, installation instructions, etc) and progress photos. @ChrisJWilson

My company, NetJets, bought a 20% share in a sustainable aviation fuel company. This is in addition to our Global Sustainability Program which was rolled out last year. updated second link

My kids have gotten so used to the fresh eggs from our chickens that they dont’t like store bought eggs. Our chickens laying slowed down a few weeks ago, so we bought some from the grocery store and their response “These aren’t real eggs. They don’t taste like our eggs.”

It works!!!! @pratik

If I do finally decide to move all my writing here to, I’ll probably do a lot of my longer writing in Ulysses. Quick posts will still be done through Drafts since it’s quicker (a few less taps overall than writing & publishing from Ulysses)

I had forgotten how nice of an app Ulysses is. I haven’t used it since I moved my blogs to Blot, which was close to 3 years ago. I think I like the way Ulysses handles punishing to better than iA Writer. Ulysses has options for saving as draft, publishing, or publishing on a date & time, as well as categories all from the publish screen. It also shows a small preview of what the post will look like.

Test post from Ulysses Beta

Wilmington, North Carolina from 34,000ft

I’m waiting to see if I get on the Ulysses beta and try publishing to

I have decided to go all in with for blogging. I had been using my Blot blog for longer posts and for shorter posts. Short posts, long posts, travel photos, and everything in between is going to posted here now.

Here is what the post looks like on’s edit screen. I added Houston, Texas in the alt field. It was originally blank. @odd @manton

Here is what appears in iA Writer @odd @manton

Test Post from iA Writer

Test Post from iA Writer

Houston, Texas

2021-02-04 Homescreen

I started messing with Craft and I’m really liking it so far.