Sedona, Arizona

Hailey/Sun Valley, Idaho

We flew picked up the jet in Raleigh and flew a group of owners into Hailey on Saturday and spent the night. Sunrise Sunday morning was absolutely beautiful.

Mess with DNS is really cool. It’s basically playgrounds for DNS. Learn what they do, screw them up, and really screw anything up. Via Julia Evans

Business Garden Inn & Suites & Hotel Room Inn. So accurate. I feel like I stay at this hotel at least once per work week.

My Drafts Writing Worspace

It filters by certain tags, brings up my Markdown keys keyboard row, and selects my Blogs action group.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a solar powered website. I think it’s awesome.

I was watching the Panthers & Cardinals football game with my 5yr old. The refs threw a penalty flag and he says “Why did they throw a banana peel?”

Barker Meadow Reservoir. Nederland, Colorado

Steamboat Springs, Colorado and the Yampa River.

Testing out Humboldt

Heading into Eagle/Vail, Colorado yesterday.

Beautiful morning for flying in Aspen, Colorado.

I had forgotten how nice of an app Ulysses is.

I am absolutely loving my Casio Oceanus (model OCW-T150-2AJF). It’s a JDM (Japan only market) which I ordered off Amazon. Solar powered, world time, and syncs via atomic clock radios equals perfect watch for me at work.

Some pics from Salt Lake City from a couple of days ago.

Our 🐓🐓🐓🐓. There was one out of the frame. We have 9 altogether. 5 Plymouth/Barred Rock and 4 Rhode Island Red

This is what’s left of the Golden Ray, the car carrier that capsized off St. Simon’s Island, Georgia in 2019.

I am loving my new Orient Kamasu

Hiking around Page and Lake Powell, Arizona. The dam is Glen Canyon Dam.

Flying over the Grand Canyon heading into Page, Arizona

Anybody need a slightly used casket? Someone near me is selling one on Facebook.

Downtown Los Angeles

Peaks of the San Bernardino Mountains poking out of the fog. Leaving Palm Springs enroute to Burbank, California.

Palm Springs, California

Just north of Flagstaff, Arizona. I think we were still at 43,000ft but could have been lower.